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Waiting in the Wings

by Tony Cliff

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Just Around the Next Bend (Lyric © Donna Evans and Music © Tony Cliff 2018) Verse 1 The gypsy life used to be my style A record of a chequered past Now I’m traveling my miracle mile Searching for a love that lasts I’ll ride on even when it’s rough Won’t give in to old excuses ‘Cos I have got the right stuff To be the man I choose Chorus I know she’s out there somewhere The girl who’s waiting for me She a vision the reason I’m living Just around the next bend Curves may bring surprises I’m not the one to question why I smile because good times begin Just around the next bend Verse 2 I’ve turned around, paid my dues Bad times are fading away I’m out cruising nothing to lose Rollin’ down that blue highway With my mind clear and straight Ridin’ on a new found wave Feeling free never too late To find my new best babe Chorus
Waiting in the Wings (Lyric © Donna Evans and Music © Tony Cliff 2018) Verse 1 Best friends you can count on your fingers We’d played together since age three A couple years back well I noticed The beautiful woman you’d grown up to be You told me you’re marrying someone else So I never told you how I felt Chorus I’ll always be your guardian angel If you ever need a shoulder to cling to I used to make you laugh and sing Now I wanna’ buy you that diamond ring Babe, I’m gonna wait in the wings Yes, I’m waiting in the wings Verse 2 Your wedding day brought memories The rope swing, we jumped in the river Cool nights we’d hug by a bonfire Warming together as we shivered It’ll be hard for me to find someone new So I hope this guy really loves you Chorus Bridge I think about what might have been If you knew we were more than friends Someday I’ll share this secret in my heart If he don’t treat you right and it all falls apart Final Chorus
Let’s Don’t Say Goodbye (Lyric © Donna Evans and Music © Tony Cliff 2018) Verse 1 Used to be candles on the table, slow dancing, dinner and wine Sunny daisies on the front porch, they were the best of times We used to sing together, strumming my old guitar Watch the fireflies sparkle, summer nights beneath the stars Pre-chorus I’d climb the highest mountain, I’d swim the deepest sea Turn the clock of old man time, to bring you right back to me Chorus Let’s don’t say goodbye, we never lose ‘till we don’t try One more time, we’ll get it right, let’s don’t say goodbye Verse 2 Dark clouds are hanging round, the house is cold and bleak A mist inside, it fogs my eyes, every time I try to sleep Sometimes I think I hear you, when I’m happy lost in a dream You and me dancing in the rain, ‘til morning wipes the scene Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge Wanna’ get back to the days When love lit up our night Together time was so fine And the world was just right Verse 3 Let’s pick up the pieces, as they say in a country song Start a fire to warm our hearts, and burn away these wrongs They say practice makes perfect, and love comes like spring flowers Tender but strong against the cold, just waiting down the hours Pre-chorus Chorus
I’ll Stay Only If you Want Me To (Lyric © Donna Evans and Music © Tony Cliff 2018) Verse 1 Remember when we’d stay and play Watch the sun rise over the waves Hang out on the boardwalk all weekend Thought we were more than just good friends Now you text me back with some excuse I wonder if you’ve found somebody new Chorus I’ll stay only if you want me to Don’t keep me wondering what to do There’s a love out there I gotta find I need someone who’ll be all mine I’ll stay only if you want me to I’ll stay only if you want me to Verse 2 Now we’re back to life’s routines What happened to our summer dreams Saw you uptown with friends today You smiled and walked the other way I thought our love was oh so strong You leave me feeling something’s wrong Chorus Bridge Don’t waste my time if we’re not right Let’s not argue, fuss or fight So let’s decide this once and for all I’ll be waiting for your call Final Chorus
Honey at the Truck Stop Music & Lyrics © Tony Cliff and Donna Evans 2018 Verse 1 Twenty two, feeling blue Working like mama used to Slingin’ coffee eggs and bacon Driver’s breakfast waitin’ Some joke with good tips Or nasty talk loose lips One guy’s her desire ‘Cos he ignites her fire Chorus She’s his honey at the truck stop Who wants to be by his side Yeh the honey at the truck stop Can’t wait to be his bride Verse 2 Thinks about her all the time On deliv’ries the daily grind Can’t wait to see his best girl The one that turns his world Blonde hair and so flashy Tight jeans dressin’ sassy He’ll spend an extra day For a little getaway Chorus Bridge This small town she knows No place to shine or go She dreams bright stage lights Exciting marquee nights Drivin’ trucks for years Was stuck in second gear Now he’s inspired To drive all those miles Verse 3 He thinks about settlin’ down In her backwoods town Maybe boring ev’ryday But love makes it OK She wants to spread her wings Even if she wears his ring He’s her ticket to ride And she’s flying high Chorus
Let’s Face It (Lyric © Donna Evans and Music © Tony Cliff 2018) Verse 1 Your eyes used to melt into mine Your kiss tasted like cherry wine Used to stay up and talk all night You were the highlight of my life Seems our huggin’ days are through Lately something’s shadowing you More often you’re angry sometimes sad You say it’s all good but it feels so bad Chorus The way we were’s an old refrain It just happens no one’s to blame So if our love has come and gone Tell me now let me move on Tell me it’s over let’s face it If it’s over let’s face it Verse 2 Let’s talk about it decide what to do Don’t beat around it tell the truth Be honest don’t tell me lies Babe you know I can sympathise Part of me wants to hold on Wanted you to be my forever one It’s a hard break that I can handle Wanna’ manage collateral damage Chorus Bridge The smile’s gone from your happy face Take a good look in the mirror Cry a few tears until you’re clear There’s another love out there waiting Chorus
At the Wrong Time Music & Lyrics © Tony Cliff 2018 Verse 1 Saw you just the other day Was a glimpse from far away Long enough to bring memories flooding back When we were just so young and free And life gave us a golden key Never knowing we’re on different tracks Prechorus Young love was so easy It all fell into place Making our home and lots of friends Then we changed directions It all became a race You’re in trouble when you have to make amends Chorus Happy days didn’t have a dime You’re the one made me feel so fine We were the right boy and girl But at the wrong time Verse 2 Then we moved so far apart Not a chance of a change of heart Linking up, every other weekend And when you found somebody new I was hurt what could I do I met someone too and that’s how it ends Prechorus We’ll always have those mem’ries Of when we laughed and cried Hope you’re happy with everything you need And do you ever think back to When were were side by side Never knowing where it all might lead Chorus Happy days didn’t have a dime You’re the one made me feel so fine We were the right boy and girl But at the wrong time
What I Meant to say (Lyric © Donna Evans and Music © Tony Cliff 2018) Verse 1 Babe I call to apologise For all those words that I said to you Wanna take it back restart my day Cos I’ve been a fool didn’t think it through Chorus What I meant to say is that I think you’re amazing And I want to be with you everyday Girl you know you make my life special in oh so many ways And that’s what I really meant to say Verse 2 So let’s remove misunderstanding before it burns holes in our hearts Let’s drown this fire with our tears before our love is torn apart Chorus Short Inst over half verse then repeat 2nd half of verse 1 Final Chorus
Fair Weather Friend © Tony Cliff 2018 Verse1 All those years of playing gigs In drunken noisy bars All those years of travelling Well I still bear the scars You just want the glamour To dress up like a queen The lady of the manor Just likes to be seen Verse 2 All the years of working For my overnight success All the nights in cheap hotels And other people’s mess You disappeared then You’re nowhere to be found How come you’re here again Glad to be around Chorus ‘Cos now my songs are playing on the radio And my album’s doing OK You show up out of nowhere Like you’ve never been away You might call me a cynic But I know how these things end And so I say it loud and clear You’re my fair weather friend Oh babe, just a fair weather friend
That Kind of Luck (Lyric © Donna Evans and Music © Tony Cliff 2018) Verse 1 I’m not a gambler, don’t like to place bets At showdown time, I’m usually outdone Never wanted a girl just for the weekend Always holdin’ out for the right one Verse 2 You sat at the bar and drank sweet tea In a little black dress and those killer heels The designated driver with your friend’s keys I could read a class act, the real deal Chorus Well you caught my eye, & gave me that look You’re the one clear chance I’m glad I took Cos I won the best, girl in the world And you still prove it every day Yea I like that kind of luck... Whooh yeah, I like that kind of luck Verse 3 Some days after work, I wanna’ explode But your kiss reminds me I’m a winner You hold me real close thru each episode And I let it all go, soon I’m grinnin’ Chorus Instrumental over verse chords Bridge These days I count my blessings Cause you color my world gold And you have made me a better man Than I ever knew before…….
They Don’t Make Love Like That Anymore Verse 1 I’m in a blue and lonely condition That only you are able to cure No need to phone or ask for permission Just come on home and love me once more Chorus 1 So tantalising your tender kissing Was always something worth waiting for I’m realising what I’ve been missing They don’t make love like that anymore Verse 2 When other men seek out my affection I just pretend I’m still here with you Although they like me, they don’t excite me Not even half as much as you do Chorus 2 So don’t go changing following fashion You’ve got the style I really adore Come back and treat me to your sweet passion They don’t make love like that anymore Inst verse Inst Chorus (vocal) Come back and treat me to your sweet passion They don’t make love like that anymore Bridge In my dreams there’s just the two of us Under a starlit sky Then I wake up I’m on my own again Trying my best not to cry (Repeat Verse 1 and Chorus 1)


released September 13, 2018


all rights reserved



Tony Cliff England, UK

I am a composer, arranger and songwriter. I record under my own name and also with Jules Varley in the band Julestone. I work in many styles including acoustic, country, jazz and blues. My country album Waiting in the Wings was written in collaboration with US lyricist Donna Evans ... more

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